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Why Your Old Computer, Smartphone And Tab Slow Down

Have You Ever Thought Why Your Old Computer, Smartphone And Tab Slow Down ?

Whenever You Buy a New Smartphone, Laptop or Tab, Its Speed Is Very Good At The Beginning, But As Soon As These Devices Become Old, Its Speed Becomes Very Slow. Which Is a Big Problem In Front Of Us Today.

Why Does This Happen ?

This Is a Question Which We Have Been Looking For And You Have Been Looking For a Long Time. Many Times It Has Been Heard That Whenever A New Version Of A Smartphone, Laptop or Tab Comes In, The Company Slows Its Old Version Through Software or Application Updates. It Is Said So, But We Have Not Taken Any Proof Of It Yet.

Actually, Its Hardware Does Not Contribute To The Slovery Of Any Smartphone, Laptop or Tab. Rather It Depends On The Software As S Whole. Still Ee Can Get Back To Its Extent To A Great Extent.
We All Know That RAM Does Not Have Much Potential. So Whenever We Install A New Software On A Device, Its Space Goes Back. However, These Things Can Be Transferred To Flash Memory, But This Does Not Help Us Much. Flash Memory Works Even Better Despite The Transfer, But Its Speed Is Always Less Than RAM.

The Second Reason Is That,

Whenever A New Update Of An Application Appears, Many New Features Are Added To It. By Which Her Beauty Increases. Also The New Application Becomes Much Heavier Than The Old One.
Until A Few Days Ago, The Magnetic Hard Disk Was Used To Store The Data. But Now It Has Replaced Flash Memory. Whenever You Install Any New Application On Your Smartphone, It Is Easy To Open The Website Page Because Of Its Being A Cache. But We Think That This Application Is Working Very Fast. But In Real, This Is Because Of Saving Cache. Many Applications Work Slow Because They Do Not Have Cache.

Computer Slow Down Solution:

If You Want To Get Rid Of Slow Speed Problem, Then There Is Only One Answer, That You Do Not Install The Application Without Needing Your Smartphone Or PC Because It Fills The Space Of The RAM. Which Is Why Your Smartphone Starts Working In Slow Also, If The Operating System Is Installed Again, Then You Can Get Back The Speed Of Your Old Computer Or Smartphone. Even If They Can Not Afford To Hit The New Computer Or Smartphone Speed.

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