Do you know that, there is no any customer of Xiaomi Mi in this country, see it's reason

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If you are a smartphone user than you surely know about Chinese famous smartphone manufacturer company Xiaomi. In today, Xiaomi is how much popular in the the world including India you know
very well, because Xiaomi offers his customers a lots of good quality smartphones at low price. In indian market Xiaomi beat the south korean famous tech smartphone company Samsung and became no. 1 smartphone company in the indian market and 5th largest smartphone manufacturer company in the world.
But do you know that there is a country in the world where there is no any customer of Xiaomi Mi, who has always been 'out of stock' in other countries of the world including India. You all know the name of this country well. Its name is US. Yes! US, You heard right- There is not a single customer of Xiaomi Mi in America.
There is some problems about the export rules between the US and Chinese company Xiaomi. This is the biggest reason for not selling Xiaomi Mi in America. There are many problems between US and Chinese citizens including right patents. Because of which Xiaomi does not have any customers in the US.
Should Xiaomi "ban" in India like America? You must type in your feedback comment box.

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